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03.01.2008 google 4 phun stuff (added by l0om) Here
27.11.2007 HTTP shell scanner and client (added by l0om) Here
02.08.2007 C 'Library' for working with google added (added by l0om) Here
13.11.2006 A Simple W32.Sniffer for cmd and MFC (added by cc_ip) Here
03.11.2006 Show plaintext passwords on NT/2k with Autologon switched on (added by cc_ip) Here
02.10.2006 A Simple W32.Keylogger (added by cc_ip) Here
25.09.2006 Small and Nice Windows Backdoor from cc_ip Here
20.09.2006 Paper: Mac OS X Widgets (added by daemonx) Here
17.09.2006 Paper: C Socketprogrammierung unter Windows (added by cc_ip) Here
14.08.2006 Excluded braucht Verstaerkung! Here