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VB-Control to add Hyperlinks
Hyperlink.rar -FE2k
Extension Renamer -FE2k
SniffWin -cc_ip
google dating...
date_me.c -l0om
kidding.c -l0om
Gool Alpha
gool-alpha.tar -l0om
placeing logical bombs in elf files
icb.c -l0om
Win2k logon
win2k_logon.rar -cc_ip
W32 Keylogger
cLog.rar -cc_ip
W32 Backdoor -cc_ip
linux keylogger 0.0a
exkey.tar -FuSi
Daytime-Fake Trojan
daytimetroj.c -l0om
TCP/UDP Portscanner
gull.c -l0om
Syn-Flooder with fake IP-Source
syn.c -l0om
TCP Ping (sends +ack)
tping.c -l0om
su trojan with pwd logging
suFFER.c -l0om
fast and flexible IP-scanner
iplooks.tar -l0om
finds remote accounts + auto. ftp login bruting
agrep.c -l0om
exploits CWD ~ trick on some ftps
ftpgrep.c -l0om
automate attacks with google
lgool.c -l0om
connect to mssql and try to spawn a shell
sqlcmd.c -l0om
disable your cdrom localy as nonroot
cdromkill.c -l0om
ip to country - ip ranges from countrys
ip2c.tgz -l0om
MailGrab, perl-script
mailgrab.tar -nixon
Local Chat System Client for Linux
chat.tar -sirius,l0om
adressverw.cpp -Takt
FTP Brute-Force
ftp-bf.c -Takt
deamon who shows the uptime of a *nix pc
uptimed.c -Takt
a simple connect() scanner
taktscan.tar.gz -Takt
DM/Euro-Calculator, VC++ source -Takt
cat clone
tcat.tar.gz -takt
texteditor coded in VB.NET (need ".NET-Framework")
editor.rar -XNet